• Image of The Mugshots - Something Weird (2016) LP

There I was...relaxing on my couch...football on the tv...warm log burning in the fireplace. Then I made the decision: mute the tv and put on my new favorite band, The Mugshots. And it hit me...like a steam train...like a gang-fight, like an atomic bomb - I was bruised, beaten and pummeled by the incandescent brilliance of The Mugshots! The football players suddenly took on a beautiful mosaic of dance moves to the jackhammer audio of one of the world's greatest bands. A shot in the arm of sheer brute force - like New York circa 1977: Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and The Ramones - straight forward, clear and honest Jersey Shore rock and roll played the way it was meant to be played! Powerful vocals, brilliant arrangements, clear and true guitars...the soul of a gospel band with the teeth of a rock band - long live The Mugshots!!!
MATT MALLEY (Oscar nominated songwriter and founding member of Counting Crows)